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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Oral Hygiene

A good oral hygiene can prevent bad breath, plaque, several gum diseases and tooth decay- helping you keep your teeth as you grow older. Proper oral hygiene can also prevent or delay dental erosion.

What is a good oral hygiene?

Now that you’ve learned the importance of properly maintaining your dental health, here what you need to do on a daily basis:

  • Brush your properly teeth twice a day
  • Floss at least once a day
  • Occasionally use mouthwash to rinse

Don’t forget to visit your dentist every three or 4 months. He can spot an arising issue and prevent it before it becomes problematic.

If you’re looking for a good dental facility in Ludhiana, Ludhiana Dental Care offers complete oral care solution at reasonable prices. With their acclaimed staff and pioneer German technologies, you can expect nothing less than brilliant results. Some of their services include: Dental crowns, dental implants, teeth straightening, and root canal treatment etc.

Root Canal Treatment

Some of you might have been told by your dentists to get a root canal treatment in Punjab. If you think you’re the only ones, you’re wrong. Millions of people undergo this procedure every year. To clear all your uncertainties, here’s all the information the treatment:

Why is it needed?

The treatment is required when the pulp, the soft tissue inside the root canal, becomes inflamed or infected. This inflammation can cause can a crack or chip in the tooth and can badly damage it, causing pain. The infection should not be ignored as it can cause more severe dental problems.

More Stomach Aches

Colon cleanse products are seen to flood the supermarkets or television or internet. Every product claims to be the best of their kind. Being convinced by their marketing campaigns, people easily fall for these products. But, most of the products are not up to the mark and as a result, disappoints the customers. A natural colon cleanse that preserves the best quality among so many cheap quality products is HCG Slim 2000. By taking this unique product you can say goodbye to constipation or any kind of digestive disorders. You do not have to start the day with stomach aches and a feeling of nausea. Do not choose any random product, for colon cleanse is one of the most important things required for the body. Do a little research by yourself and then take the decision. Before choosing any such product, have the patience to read the label to know what ingredients have been used in making of that product. If you review the ingredients used in making HCG Slim 2000, you will find that each and every ingredient is natural. So, by taking HCG you do not need to have the fear of injecting anything on your body that may harm your health.

Just do not jump to buy anything labeled natural colon cleanse. Use your own judgment and then pick one carefully. Read the customer feedbacks and assess the safety of using that particular product. HCG successfully qualifies in these entire criterions and that is the reason why so many people have put their trust on this product.

Fatty Acids

We can also get a commonplace bloodless which exacerbates into pneumonia; if we are also coping with different fitness troubles – such as excessive blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart sickness and diabetes, it is now not going to bode properly for us in the long run.

Therefore, the more healthy the frame, the healthier our consuming plan – the decrease our risk for serious headaches.

On that notice, permit’s check meals which might be intense in cholesterol content material. By using avoiding or restricting those selections in our eating plan, we may additionally boom our lifestyles span – as well as our cutting-edge state of fitness.

Ingredients containing highest cholesterol

Amount primarily based on Milligrams

Fowl Giblets, eight oz 641

Turkey Giblets, 8 oz. 419

Beef Liver, Pan Fried – 3 ounces324

Fast meals Egg, Sausage Biscuit 290

English muffin, Egg, Cheese, Canadian publisher 1st baron ferula 230

Egg, whole clean raw, extra massive 216

Croissant, egg, cheese & Bacon 215

Shrimp, combined species, 3 oz.214

Duck, roasted 1/2 hen 197

Hard Boiled huge Egg 187

Potato Salad, home organized – 1 cup 170

Spinach Souffle, 1 cup 160

Eggnog, whole variety, 1 cup one hundred fifty

Chili Con Carne, 1 cup a hundred and forty

High cholesterol, Strokes, Clogged Arteries because of negative dietary conduct, state of being inactive, strain, Age

As to my mom, she experienced a series of three strokes in her mid-Nineteen Seventies, certainly one of which took away her brain functioning. If she would have taken more interest to her eating regimen over the years, she may also have prevented the strokes. Fat Diminisher Program changed into additionally very inactive and overweight.

Mother And Child Care

A very challenging thing for every female to do. She becomes a mother not just by giving birth but right from the moment she knows she’s going to be one. It takes a lot of proper care and concern in every manner possible. Right from the time of conceiving to the delivery of the baby. Both mother and child need that extra care.

And then enters the role of a good Gynaecologist and Obstetrician as every female who is going to be a mother and one that has become a mother has to be taken special care of. And this special care is not possible without the guidance of a good specialized doctor. And the doctor that specializes in the science of woman is a Gyneocologist and the one that deals mainly with pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period is known as an Obstetrician.

Nowadays, almost all modern Gynaecologists are also Obstetricians. A good gynecologist must be able to help and understand their patient. They must be able to make patients really comfortable in the most crucial time of their life which becoming a mother. And a good obstetrician needs to provide special attention and care to all the ladies in pregnancy and post pregnancy and their babies as well.

Good health is crucial for both the newborn and the mother.Now, if you are a female reader then we have one such good doctor in Gurgaon. Dr. Aruna Kalra, who is a practicing Gynaecologist and Obstetrician with a high degree of professionalism, work discipline with empatheticcare. She promotes a good patient-doctor interaction and trust. A good professional with strong medical knowledge and aptitude. She is available at Mum’s clinic, Gurgaon. Where you truly experience the joy of being a mother as we provide the “best mother and child care in Gurgaon.’