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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Lettuce for Heart Healthy

Great for weight loss

This green leafy vegetable is a great weight loss food because of its low calorie content. Due to its high fiber content, eating it makes you feel full for a longer time.

Loaded with vitamins

It is packed with vitamin B-6, thiamin, riboflavins and vitamin K as well that prevents against the risk of Alzheimer and promote bone mass. It has high calcium content as well aids in bone density.

Good for eyes

This green leafy vegetable contains good amount of vitamin A that is great for your eyesight. In fact, in 100 grams of lettuce, you can acquire more vitamin A than required in a day. In addition, this wonderful vegetable also contains one of the carotenoids that protect eyes against macular degenerative eye diseases.

Prevents cancer

Having lettuce in your regular diet is one of the effective ways to prevent cancer. It’s rich vitamins and mineral content aids in reducing the risks of developing mouth cancer and colon cancer.

Brings cholesterol down

The presence of vitamin C and beta-carotene in lettuce help prevent build up of plaque and thereby reduce cholesterol. And low cholesterol in body means better heart health.

Great for skin

The combination of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamin C in lettuce helps work wonders for your skin. These two vitamins and fatty acids are known to keep the skin supple and provide protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Treats insomnia

This green vegetable contains a substance known as ‘lectucarium’ that is known to have sleep inducing effect. If you are suffering from insomnia, try having few leaves of lettuce. It won’t cause any indigestion even if you take it just before going to bed.

In fact, it is said that lettuce has similar properties like opium but minus any toxic side-effects. Next time when you experience difficulty getting sleep, ditch the sleeping pills and rather go green and eat lettuce. It helps induce relaxation and promote sound sleep.

Drinking Arsenci free Pure Water

Arsenic is normally found in water and is a heavy toxic metal, but because of the rocks, it used to be filtered through in a natural way. Now, as it comes via various sources, like mining, agricultural, and industrial, the arsenic removal plants are not able to eliminate particles of arsenic from drinking water with the amount variation during the year. The pollution caused by arsenic is normally because of the effect of the industrial procedures like mining.

Arsenic also causes arsenicosis, a disease which has affected more than 55 million people around the world. These individuals consume water that contains arsenic which is far above the level that WHO has advised as normal. The situation is getting worse day by day because of an increment in the industrial processes with no restriction on their operation.

Arsenic is found in different amount each time its presence is examined. This makes it hard to maintain a record of the amount of arsenic found in drinking water.

No one can say anything about quantity with accuracy. But it entirely depends on us to protect people from the increasing level of arsenic and other similar pollutants found in drinking water. One must seek help from arsenic mini water treatment plant made in Bihar by PHED. With the help of liquid purifiers, you can also eliminate arsenic from them on a small scale.

A water treatment system is the best option to guard your family against all the undesired pollutants and toxins present in it. Such systems are worthy investments as they provide you lifetime freedom from arsenic and other similar harmful components like pesticides, iron, insecticides, etc. Arsenic removal plants not only provide you fresh and clean drinking water to your family but also guarantees an improvement in their health.

A water treatment system can quickly remove chlorine and other chemical tastes or odor. Besides that, it also eliminates dirt making your drinking water fresh as ever. It is recommended to install a purify system in your home to avoid liquid borne diseases. You will realize later when this small investment will get back to you in a large return.

Migraine Surgery

Chronic stress as well as a lack of coping resources accessible or utilized by an individual may often result in the progression of emotional issues such as depression or anxiety. This makes the person more susceptible to physical health issues such as the cold or flu. Nerve-racking activities, just like job adjustments, often cause insomnia, damaged sleeping, and one of the very most popular health complaint connected with stress is migraine. Migraine headache can lead to intense throbbing or pulsing in one area of the head and is typically alongside queasiness, vomiting, and severe sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine attacks may cause major pain for several hours to days and nights and become so critical that all you can think about is finding a dark, peaceful area to lie down. Medications can assist limit the frequency and severity of migraines. In the event that remedy hasn’t worked well for you before, confer with your physician about wanting a different sort of migraine headache treatment.

The proper medications, mixed with self-help treatments and changes in lifestyle, can make an exceptional difference. Nevertheless, surgical approaches to migraines are positively positioned on scientific tests and analysis. Migraine surgery particularly involves the surgical cauterization of the superficial blood vessels of the head or the terminal branches of the external carotid artery, the removing of muscles or nerves in regions identified which are known as the trigger sites and those relating to the correction of a congenital heart defect. There’s a absence of evidence boosting migraine surgery, even though there are over a dozen cosmetic surgeons actively doing the surgical procedures in the US. Mainly, the target is to reduce and sometimes prevent migraines. These revolutionary surgical tactics are being developed to support patients living with migraine headaches. Nonetheless, non invasive or non surgical management is still the best recommended therapy and may be best achieved by way of prevention. Figuring out your own stress factor and handling these by relaxation techniques, diversion, recreation interacting or proper diverting our stress and anxiety and by merely changing our actions of daily living can be most beneficial to avoid long-term reason for stress which commnoly leaves our health at stake.

First Aid Tricks

Cuts and small wounds: Teach your kids what minor cuts and wounds look like. Use instances when your kids actually end up with injuries and teach them how to tend to it. Say your child ends up with a scratched knee, explain to them exactly what you are doing and why. Tell them that first they should use water and an antiseptic liquid to clean properly. Once cleaned check for any soil or other debris. Once clear teach them to apply antibiotic cream like Neosporin and then dress the wound with bandage. Teach them that applying pressure on the wounds will usually stop bleeding.

Burns: In case their clothes have caught fire, teach them to immediately cover their face with their hands and then stop drop and roll immediately on the ground till the fire stops or immediately run it under water. For other kinds of burns teach them to run the burn under water for some relief. The rest of the attending to the burns should be done by an adult. They can use a medicated cream like burnol on the wounds till an adult can attend to it. Teach them to wash hands properly with antiseptic soap before and after attending to any kind of wound, open skin and bleeding.

Broken bones: Kids need to be taught that bones are alive and have their own blood supply. Explain to them that a broken bone is the same thing as a fracture and that it hurts a lot. In case of a fracture, the fractured body part is not to be touched and an adult is to be called immediately. Till then they can ensure that the injured part is kept still and the person comfortable. Do not let the patient eat or drink anything since a serious injury might need an operation and a filled stomach warrants delay.

Insect bite: Children and insect bites are a common thing but they can be a pain. Teach kids to remove the stingers by scraping it without breaking it. Their nails or a credit card can be used to scrape the sting out. Using tweezers can squeeze out more venom so avoid it.