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Home Care Tips

Eat the Right Food:

In diet, you need to be very selective and always prefer the healthy food. It should be accomplished with vitamins, minerals, dietary fats, and soluble carbohydrates that translate into the complete well-rounded meals. Experts suggest that your diet should be equivalent to a heart patient, i.e. low cholesterol and low fat. Fresh vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, and lean protein can be the most preferred ingredients of your meal. Undercooked or raw oysters and other shellfish can increase the infection and should be avoided when you are suffering from Hepatitis C.

The treatment of this disease includes interferon and some other medications that can trigger various side effects on your body. Feeling fatigue, dizziness, nausea, insomnia, anemia, depression, etc. are common problem attached to it. You can also lose your appetite when your body is infected with such virus. You need to overcome such symptoms by taking a healthy diet. Regular meals packed with nutritious components should be taken in small amounts frequently to overcome such problems.

Take Enough Sleep:

It is equally important to take enough sleep to remain healthy and active throughout the day. People often complain about dizziness and tiredness every time. You need to take nearly 8 hours minimum sleep every day to stay energized. Insomnia is common during the Hepatitis, so you need to follow small but effective tips to get a better sleep.

Keep Your Body Hydrated:

It is most important to keep your body hydrated when suffering from this virus infection. At least, drink 8-10 bigger glasses of water every day to give your body the fluids it requires. Make sure you drink a tall glass of water with each meal and in between the meals to avoid deficiency of water in the body.

Try Exercising:

It is good to start your day with exercise in any condition to remain fit and healthy. Particularly in the case of Hepatitis C, it is very important as it solves multiple problems at the same time. It will control your weight and provide strength. Secondly, in such infection, you tend to lose a mass of muscles and exercise can help out in such condition.

Cope Up with the Stress:

Unfortunately, people suffering from this disease have to live with the stress and depression. In such long-term disease, patient tends to get frustrated and anxious over the time. In fact, anxiety and depression are common side effects of its treatment therapy. So, it is important to take steps to avoid such critical situation. Also, patients can take an anti-depression medicine with proper counseling, make exercise a regular habit, and follow stress busting activities.